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Some of the reasons as to why our clients choose us and not our competitors.

Pickup Service


Deep Clean

Insole Clean



£ 25
  • Deep Upper Clean
  • Midsole Clean
  • Undersole Clean
  • Lace Clean
  • Shoe Trees


£ 35
  • Deep Upper Clean
  • Midsole Clean
  • Undersole + Insole Clean
  • Deodoriser
  • Shoe Trees


£ 45
  • Upper + Midsole Clean
  • Undersole + Insole Clean
  • Lace Clean
  • Deodoriser + Protection
  • Shoe Trees


£ 30
  • Deep Upper Clean
  • Midsole Clean
  • Polish + Deodoriser
  • Protective Wax


£ 50-100
  • Includes all Premium Clean
  • Repair of Scuffs
  • Paint Work
  • (Prices vary on work needed)
Repaint & Re-Dying

Touch Ups – £15
Full Repaint – £25
Full Dye – £30

Extra Services

Protection Treatment – £5
Deodorise Spray – £5
Crease Shields – £7
Lace Replacement – £8
Shoe Trees – £5


How does it work


Contact us

Send us a message on Whatsapp or via email to get a pickup or postal sorted for your shoes.


Cleaning process by Reform

Once we’ve got your shoes, we’ll begin our cleaning process.


Ready to be delivered, posted.

Once your shoes are done, either arrange for us to drop off your shoes, or sort out postal.

It’s as simple as that.


Quality over quantity

We have no interest in overloading ourselves with so many shoes that it decreases the quality for our clients. We’d rather be cleaning less shoes if that means the quality will be better.

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Happy Clients

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Positive Reviews

Some of our work

what our customers say

Sorted my Jordan 4s right out! come back looking brand new! nothing but good things to say!

Louis Baker

I had 3 pairs of shoes in need of a proper clean and Reform delivered, they all look brand new! Quick turn around and getting them back in a shoe bag with shoe trees is a really nice touch. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Jamie Mcmahon

I sent off my reebok classics to the reform team two weeks ago, in much need of some love. They came back hand delivered by the team quickly and they look box fresh again. Thank you so much team. I can’t recommend the reform team and their services more.

Sam Lace

Reform shoe care thank you so much! My pair of white vans ended up grubby after a night out. Reform shoe care took on the challenge and bought them back to there original white!! I couldn’t believe the finish seeing I did get a red wine stain down them. Super easy service & very efficient! Highly recommended!

Mel Underhay

I never thought I'd see my lovely white shoes white again! Till I found Reform, my shoes were hidden away as they were covered in stains, now I love them again, I recommend these guys to anyone.

Dominic Spicer